2019 RMM Online Campaign

In this world, one that we all share, RMM works toward PEACE for all.

                         We IMAGINE a world where children and youth have a chance to thrive.
                         We IMAGINE a world where everyone has enough healthy food to eat.
                         We IMAGINE a world where people have protection from the cold.
                         We IMAGINE a world where cycles of abuse, addiction and poverty are broken.
                         We IMAGINE a world with less trauma.
                         We IMAGINE a world without hate, where all people support one another.

This is what we IMAGINE at RMM, and we live into this imagination one person at a time.

Since we IMAGINE, we have launched our 2019 IMAGINE campaign to raise $25,000 to support RMM's programs. The programs of RMM work to make what we IMAGINE into reality by meeting the needs of the vulnerable, and bridging the gap between charity and justice.

This link sends you directly to the main donation page:  Visit our fundraising page or scroll down to learn more.

If you are unsure of how much to give, we recommend $25, but give whatever feels comfortable because every dollar counts to make a difference!

You can donate on the home page, a fundraiser's page, or make your own fundraiser page, so join the campaign NOW and pass the word along! The fundraiser group that raises the most money will win a happy hour on our roof donated by a RMM board member.  

Thank you for donating and helping us IMAGINE a better world for all!

1. Your donation is tax deductible. 
2. Please check if your place of work has matching donations.
3. Follow us on social media! RMM’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will have fun program/campaign updates throughout the month.