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Toiletry and Snack Distribution

With a large transient and vulnerable population surrounding our location at 40th Street and 9th Avenue, Metro/RMM offers basic necessities daily at the door. Folks can come to our door and receive a snack bag and/or toiletry kit. For our food insecure neighbors, a snack bag can really help provide needed energy in the middle of the day. Even this small offering is a demonstration of the hospitality and rest we hope to provide those in our neighborhood.

Toiletry kits and snack bags can be requested at the door anytime during office hours.  

Monday-Thursday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Friday 10:00am - 3:00pm

How you can help

RMM is continually in need of donations for snack bags and toiletry kits.  You can help by donating the items below.  

Items for toiletry kits:
Travel-size Shampoo
Travel-size Conditioner
Travel-size Soap
Travel-size Toothpaste
Shaving cream
Wash Cloth
Feminine products

Items for snack bags:
Granola bars
Tuna packets
Cereal bars
Chocolate milk
Water bottles