Hell's kitchen farm project

The Hell's Kitchen Farm Project is an urban rooftop farm in Hell’s Kitchen, managed and run by volunteers. HKFP is the outgrowth of community discussions concerning nutritional security, especially scarcity of affordable fresh produce, in Hell’s Kitchen. Our mission is to create a more food secure urban community through collaborative farming, education, and community initiatives. We strive to do this by growing fresh food on a previously underutilized rooftop for distribution through a local food pantry, providing community nutritional education, and organizing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. 

RMM is a founding partner and host of the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project, which works toward food justice in our community. First organized in the fall of 2010, the project is a collaboration of Metro and RMM, Clinton Housing Development Corporation and MCCNY Charities.

Our primary initial project has been the development of a small scale urban farm. In June 2011, planting began on the roof of our building. Made possible by a grant from the United Way of New York City, in its first year the rooftop farm helped to stock area food pantries with healthy produce while providing a forum for community building and education. In 2012, we increased our production while further developing our community involvement. With the start of our seventh growing season in April, we have had a wonderful 2017, which has included the second year of our new educational and community programs. We're growing much more than food up on the roof!

HKFP has also organized a neighborhood CSA (Community Support Agriculture), partnering with

R & R Produce in Goshen, NY, through Grow NYC's New Farmer Development Project. More information on this year's CSA can be found here.

For more information about the farm or the Youth Farm Internship, please visit the HKFP website here, or contact us by email.

The Hell's Kitchen Farm Project is open to the public on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. during the growing season for work days and tours. If you would like to volunteer, contact us at volunteer@rmmnyc.org.