RMM's Capital campaign: "NAME TBD"

Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries (RMM) has been a safe haven for the most vulnerable in New York City, providing a space for relief, support, and dignity for over 25 years. Will you support us by playing an integral role in the next phase of RMM's history? 


To ensure the long-term sustainability of RMM's mission, our detailed feasibility study revealed that we need to raise $12M over the next 3 years in order to renovate existing and construct additional building capacity.

We believe that physical space matters and we seek to create a physical building that sends a message to all those whom we serve daily that you are welcome, and you are a human being worthy of dignity and respect.


This capital campaign project ensures not only the long-term sustainability of RMM's mission, but also ADA compliance and accessibility so that RMM can truly open its doors to all who require help. Along with more dedicated space for each of our programs, renovations will allow for expanded programming and more effective cross-pollination between our programs. Moreover, a redesigned more professional work space for staff would improve workplace productivity and help recruit new staff while maintaining the longevity of existing ones.


At RMM, we seek to offer hope and renewal to those who have been trapped by an uncaring system and to fight personal and systematic injustices which sow despair. With your contribution, RMM can continue to empower the most vulnerable in our communities for the next 25 years. 


Please see below for our Case for Support document, which provides an introduction to RMM's mission and impact, a description of the challenge our building poses to our mission, an explanation of benefits realizable through this project (including impact evaluation metrics), additional details regarding the capital campaign, and information on how you can support us.

For any questions about our campaign or how you can support us, please reach out to RMM's executive director, Tiffany Triplett Henkel, at rmm@rmmnyc.org.

Architectural concept diagrams

Please see below for concept diagrams developed as part of the broader RMM Feasibility Study conducted in 2019 in partnership with Think! Architecture & Design.