life skills empowerment program

The Homecoming Program empowers veterans who have experienced homelessness to create a new path toward a more successful future. Homecoming assists veterans in developing essential life skills and aids in the process of recovery from the trauma and crisis of homelessness through sharing of life stories and the establishment of a supportive community. The program will serve 7-10 Veterans per semester. During the 14-week, 28-session program, participants will become part of a family-like community, created through an environment based on trust, support and respect. They will attend inspirational workshops that will help them set goals, and develop the skills for success. They will have the support of their peers, as well as a mentor who will journey with them throughout the program. They will meet and connect with people and organizations that can help them move further along their chosen path and take hold of their future.

For more information about Homecoming, contact Rachel Johnson at rjohnson@xaviermission.org.


1. Life Skills Workshops: Speakers offer presentations on important topics including Developing a Support System, Goal Setting, Stress Management, Career Development, Education and Training, and Veteran’s Services. 

2. Goal Setting with Mentors: You will meet one-on-one with a mentor throughout the program to set and achieve short and long term goals. 

3. SPEAKERS NIGHTS AND GRADUATION: You will be guided in sharing your personal story with your peers as a means of healing and to identify keys moments in your life that affect your decisions and goals for the future. At the end of the program you will share you story publically at a graduation ceremony. 

4. SUPPORT SERVICES: Both you and your mentors are supported by a social work case worker to provide support and connect you with specialized programs and positive people to help you achieve your goals. 


• Must be a veteran (DD-214 required) 

• Must currently be experiencing or have previously experienced homelessness (e.g. living in a temporary situation such as a shelter, SRO, couch surfing among family and friends) 

• Must have a desire to make a change in your life! 

• Willingness to make the effort to set and achieve goals

• Clean and sober for at least three months

• The ability to stay focused and attentive during a two-hour session

• Comfortable sharing your personal story and experiences with a group

• Respect for other people’s stories and experiences

• 21 years or older